Turner…February 2020

Our Saturday workshop brief was to paint in the style of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist.

He is known for his expressive colourisations, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings.

Some of us worked from our own photos, a few of which were places that Turner had painted, while others copied his paintings trying to emulate his brushstrokes and colours. Amongst the mediums we used were pastel, watercolour, acrylic and water mixeable oils. Perhaps because we were trying to paint loosely and freely many of us managed to complete two paintings.

A few of us painted independently of the Turner workshop

March & April 2020


Wednesday 11th      7-9pm     –    Monochrome 

The opposite of last month’s ink session using bright colours.  Any subject, any media, use just one colour to create all tones between light and dark. Use black and lighten through the greys, or try indigo or sepia for a more unusual effect.  Bring along a black and white photo or picture, or a colour one and look at it with almost-closed eyes to see which part of the picture are lightest and darkest.  

Saturday 28th     10am-3.30pm    –    Animal pastel workshop with Paul Hinks

Local artist Paul Hinks creates the most amazing pastel pictures of wild animals and pets.  You can see his work on Facebook www.facebook.com/paulhinksart and Instagram www.instagram.com/paulhinksart. More details regarding pastels and paper will follow.  

If you’d like to attend please check your diary first to see if you’re free, then email or phone Susan to book your place, which will be allocated in order.

DO NOT USE the comments box below, as messages can take days to reach us. Use the email address or phone number for Susan that you have been given. If more than 25 want to come then we will have a waiting list.  

The fee for today is £14.  Please book with Susan asap.


Wednesday 8th       7-9pm     –     Spring Flowers

A wide subject that can be tackled in many ways.  A vase of daffodils or tulips, a blanket of bluebells or snowdrops in a wood, or blossom upon a tree as painted by Vincent van Gogh.  Paint loose and bold like Jean Haines or Ann Blockley, colourful with negative shapes like Susan Crouch, or much more detailed like Billy Showell or Julie H. King, who ran a workshop with us 5 years ago.  Look up the artists online to see their variety of flower paintings. 

Saturday 25th    10am-3.30pm    –    Peter Carl Fabergé

Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) designed and made the most amazing jewellery and objet d’art at his workshops in St.Petersburg, Russia.  His most famous creations are 69 Easter eggs, including 52 Imperial Easter eggs, made for the Russian royal family between 1885-1917. 

There is a timeline of the Fabergé family and many pictures on the website www.faberge.com under ‘The World of Fabergé’ header. Details and images of all the Easter eggs, including the lost ones, are easily found online, but here’s a list… www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabergé_egg

Design and paint your own jewellery, objet d’art or Easter egg and add gold and silver to your picture to add interest.  This could be by using gold paint or gold/silver metal leaf glued to your painting.  

The fee for today is £6.  No need to book.

Ink – February 2020

Our Wednesday evening was well attended and very productive

Here we experimented with ink. The paintings are very richly coloured and bold.

A wide range of materials were used including painting on silk, and using a variety of inks such as acrylic, brusho and water soluble. The ink was applied with a variety of implements including pens, brushes and droppers.

Animals in Winter – January 2020

Our first Saturday meeting of the year had 30 members in attendance so a very good turnout.

Most members painted wild animals but a few painted domestic animals. A wide range of mediums have been used including watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel and wax resist. Some managed to combine animals with snowmen following on for our Wednesday evening meeting.

A few members carried on with ongoing projects.

Snowmen – January Wednesday

The collective noun for a group of snowmen is variously given as a freeze, dusting or melt. We won’t use the last one as that implies ex-snowmen!

Our first Wednesday session of 2020 was very well attended with 21 members, 3 of whom were new to the group. A very warm welcome to you and we hope that you enjoy painting with us throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who paid the yearly subs, we hope you enjoyed meeting and having a catch-up with your arty friends.

We painted snowmen, snow ladies, literate, happy and very plump snowmen in watercolour, acrylic and inks. Some members painted local snowy scenes in Meopham and Rochester and others used their Christmas cards as inspiration and painted a robin, cat, penguins and a Christmas Goth.

Other members drew an Art Deco design, continued with a train commission and finished a watercolour of a view in Sicily.

January & February 2020


Wednesday 8th     7-9pm     –    Snowmen

Keep your favourite snowman snow scene Christmas cards.  Use them for inspiration or use your own imagination to paint a snowman, using any medium, but you could use tissue paper, cotton wool or texture paste to make your snowman 3D.  Perhaps it could be your Christmas card for 2020?  

Also pay subs and have a catch-up with friends.

Saturday 25th     10am-3.30pm     –    Animals in Winter

Think of animals in Wintertime and use any medium, although unpainted white watercolour paper is perfect as snow itself.  Imagine snowy fields with farm animals of cows, sheep or horses. Huskies or reindeer pulling sleds, Arctic or Antarctic animals such as polar bears or penguins.  Animals with their winter coats like arctic hairs, foxes or ptarmigans.  

The fee for today is £6, no need to book.


Wednesday 12th     7-9pm    –    Ink

February is usually a dull, drab month, so let’s get colourful.  Use Brusho powders, any inks in bottles or palettes, washable or permanent. Your choice of ink and subject.  If you don’t have any inks then perhaps use watercolour or gouache in strong tones to achieve a bold effect.

Saturday 22nd     10am-3.30pm    –    JMW Turner

The new, polymer £20 note is due for release on 20th February, featuring JMW Turner. Use any medium and paint in his style… plenty of movement, loose, areas of light and dark.  Either your own subject given the Turner treatment or use one of Turner’s paintings for inspiration.

The fee for today is £6, no need to book.

Welcome to 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and THANK YOU for your continued support. 2019 was another good year for our group, culminating in our Open Day in November, with many visitors, membership enquiries and many paintings sold.

In 2020 we’re having our Open Day on Saturday November 28th  and we’ll be painting at Chalk Church on the July and August Saturdays

Our blog continues at www.medwayandchalk.art where the newsletter is published every two months, together with anything relating to the group and with photos of the sessions. This gives you the opportunity to have your work on show, so please continue to look at the blog and email Susan your paintings for inclusion.  

Please become a ‘follower’, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure that you get email alerts every time something is posted on the site. Click on where it says ‘follow’ on the home page and put in your email address. Go to your emails, find the one from WordPress and click on the link to confirm you want to ‘follow’ the blog.  If you don’t have an email address or internet access ask a family member to follow for you as they can also look on the blog as it is a public site.

This coming year all Wednesday evenings will be free, unless something is arranged. We do ask for £6 on a Saturday towards the hire of the hall, unless there is a tutor and then the fee will be more, but will include both hall hire and the artist’s fee. No bookings are required for Wednesday evenings and non-tutored Saturdays, but please book for all Saturday workshops.

We know Wednesday evening sessions aren’t as popular as the Saturday ones, but do please try to come along to support these sessions as they’re always good evenings.

Free coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided at all meetings.

The session ideas we suggest are to help you think of what to paint.  If you’re already working on something else, no problem at all, please come along anyway for a cuppa and a natter!

Membership for 2020

The annual membership fee of £15 is now due and should be paid by the end of January 2020.

A paying-in form is provided with this newsletter and cheques should be made payable to ‘M & C Art Group’.  Please send forms and cheques to Susan or hand your form and your cash/cheque to Tracy at the next Wednesday meeting on January 8th.  New this year is paying your subs by bank transfer, so look out for Susan’s email with details of how to do this, but which will also have her postal address if you prefer to send her your subs.

If you will be on holiday then please email Susan, so she knows your membership fee will be paid on your return.

If your membership fee is not received by the end of January 2020 then you will no longer be a member.  If you wish to re-join after that date then your name will be added to the waiting list and you can return when a place becomes available.

We do have a waiting list of several people who wish to join and be active members as soon as they can, so if you no longer wish to be a member then contact Susan asap, so your place can be offered to another person. If you think you won’t be attending any sessions in 2020 then please let a new member join in your place.

Workshop etiquette

On some Saturdays we have workshops with visiting artists.   We will continue the ‘first come, first served’ policy of putting your name down for a workshop. We feel this is the fairest way as everyone can see the newsletter on the blog at the same time. If you don’t follow the blog then you may miss out if you can’t see the newsletter when it’s first published.  Even if you receive a paper newsletter you can ask someone to check the blog for you regularly, or become a ‘follower’ for you, so you know of future sessions before the newsletter is posted to you.

Many tutors only want to teach 15/20 people, but we always persuade them to accept more at our group. However, any more than 25 and we run out of tables and time for the tutor to speak to everyone is limited.

If we have more than 25 members wanting to attend, we will have a waiting list.

When you see a workshop you want to attend…

  • Check your diary. Only book if you’re free that day and not away or busy.
  • Email or phone Susan asking to attend the workshop. She will confirm your name is on the main list or waiting list.
  • Please don’t use the comments box on the blog to ask for a workshop place, as WordPress can take days to pass messages on.                                  
  • If you find you can’t attend please email or phone Susan as soon as you know, so your place can be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

On the day of the workshop…

  • MOBILE PHONES – Please turn off or silence your mobile phone

Tutors have mentioned to Tracy that it’s annoying when mobile phones ring or make noises and it disturbs other artists too.

  • Please watch, listen and follow the tutor so you know what to do. Some rush ahead and then sit waiting whilst the rest of us catch up.
  • Save your sarnies for lunchtime which is usually about 12.30pm. It’s easier if we all eat at the same time, instead of the tutor feeling he/she is disturbing your lunch to talk about your painting.

Have you got a new diary/calendar for 2020?  Write down the dates of our meetings in 2020 or print them out now:- 

 2nd  Wednesday4th  Saturday
January  8th25th
February  12th22nd
March  11th28th
April  8th25th
May  13th23rd
June  10th27th
July  8th25th – Chalk Church
August  12th22nd – Chalk Church
September  9th26th
October  14th24th
November   11th28th — Open Day    (Fri 27th hanging evening)
December  9th – party

Saturday dates are for the 4th Saturday.  Some months have 5 Saturdays, but we meet on the 4th one.


Please complete this form and post to Susan with a cheque for £15.00 payable to ‘M & C Art Group’.  Alternatively hand in with cash or cheque at the next meeting, or pay by bank transfer.






Telephone Number/Mobile______________________________________________________

E-Mail Address__________________________________________

Your email address will be shared with M & C Art Group members only. Please advise if you do not want this information given out.

Open Day 2019

What a brilliant day we had. Lots of paintings on show and lots of visitors.

Thank you to all our lovely talented members for showing their work and making the day such a huge success. As always, you all worked very hard in setting up and taking the time to chat to our guests about your work. We now have more names on our waiting list demonstrating our popularity.

The comments from the visitors book say it all.

Another great display. Well done all

Lovely collection of amazing artwork. Lots of talent in one place.

Wow! Incredible art work….many hidden gems. Well done.

Lovely event, lots of artwork.

Really enjoyed the art and seeing the artists at work.

Amazing work. Lovely to have been here.

Having just chosen Art for GCSE, it was interesting to come along and get some ideas.

Very beautiful, lots of different styles, very clever. Thank you, a lovely morning, keep up the good work.

Lovely work, a pleasure to view!

Very good.

Fantastic artwork, admiring the painting . Brilliant work all round.

Lovely exhibition. Some superb work!

Amazing paintings and great work. Really enjoyed all the work.

Lovely work – well done everyone.

Very good show.

We had 114 framed paintings on the walls, 3 browsers full of mounted work and Dot’s cards on display. We sold 6 framed paintings, 12 mounted paintings and 12 cards.