Kay’s painting

Kay’s friends recently refurbished and opened their pub, The Kings Head, in Sutton Valence, just south east of Maidstone.

They redesigned the Kings Head logo and Kay painted and framed the design to hang in the pub. She says the food is delicious and well worth a visit!

Pointillism – June 2022 – Wednesday

It was a quiet session as most members enthusiastically tackled the Pointillism theme with dots and marks in paint, pencils and felt tip pens. There’s no right or wrong way to tackle this theme so everyone relaxed and enjoyed creating their pictures of any subject. Deirdre was especially creative and produced two cloud and sky paintings in under two hours! Some paintings are works in progress and will be finished at home.

Some members worked to their own theme or finished animal and Tutankhamun paintings from previous sessions.

The next session will be on Saturday 25th June from 10am to 3pm.

June 2022

Here are a few ideas for our sessions this month, but if you want to DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) then that’s absolutely fine. Come along for the company of painting with friends.

Wednesday 8th 7-9pm – Pointillism

Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in the 1880s, branching off from Impressionism. Pointillism relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the different spots of colour into a fuller range of tones. Henri-Edmond-Joseph Delacroix (aka Henri-Edmond Cross) also painted very successfully in this style.

Look up paintings by all three artists and either paint the whole or part of one of their paintings. Or paint your own subject in a Pointillist style. If you are enjoying the Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend then paint a jubilee picture. Don’t forget to try and include Very Peri, the Pantone colour of the Year 2022!

Saturday 25th June 10am-3pm – Ireland

The Irish Free State gained its independence in 1922, becoming known as the Republic of Ireland in 1949 and in Gaelic is called Éire. With a long history dating back many millennia, Ireland is a broad subject which you can interpret in many ways. Perhaps you have travelled to Ireland and can use your own photographs?

Initial thoughts – The Emerald Isle, a cèilidh, Dublin, students, St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness, folk music, hurling, pubs, whiskey, leprechauns and faeries in folklore etc.

Famous Irish actors, authors and musicians – Pierce Brosnan, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell, Evanna Lynch, Bono and U2, Enya, Van Morrison, The Dubliners, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Becket, Seamus Heaney.

Landscapes – the rugged Atlantic coast, rolling green hills, mountains.

History – The Book of Kells, neolithic megaliths, castles.

Use any media to create your picture of anything to do with Ireland. If you like painting portraits then choose a person, if you like landscapes then paint any view of the countryside or if you like urban environments then Dublin is a great choice.

Animals – May 2022 – Saturday

Over twenty members attended Saturday’s session and the day was full of chatter and enjoyment walking around seeing all the pictures that were produced. The theme of ‘animals’ could be interpreted in any way in any medium, so there were many animals that took shape during the day. Mediums used were watercolours, oils, acrylics, graphite pencils, coloured pencils, pastels, collage, felt pens and pen and ink.

Some members brought in paintings they’d finished at home and others painted their own themes.

Well done to all who came on Saturday and produced such a wonderful variety of pictures!

Our next session at the hall will be on Wednesday 8th June from 7-9pm.

Red – May 2022 – Wednesday

Just one word and no suggested ideas for this session’s subject led to many drawings and paintings for ‘red’. In all different mediums members explored the colour red from small paintings of poppies to large abstracts. Brenda painted not a diptych or a triptych but a polyptych of 4 panels.

Word of the evening went to Myrna who use the word ‘scaphognathite’ in reference to the crab painting, meaning ‘a thin leaflike appendage (the exopodite) of the second maxilla of decapod crustaceans’. Every day is a learning day!

Some members tried their hand at the previous Tutankhamun theme or carried on with artwork they had started elsewhere.

30th birthday and Tutankhamun competition – April 2022 – Saturday

It was absolutely brilliant that 32 members came along to Saturday’s session to enjoy some cake to celebrate M&C Art Group’s 30th birthday. Seeing so many people being creative together brings hope that, after two awful years of coronavirus and lockdowns, the group has a promising future for many years to come. Please keep coming to the group to enjoy painting with your art friends!

The day was lively and abuzz with chatter as members walked around to see the pictures being painted for our yearly competition. This year the subject of Tutankhamun proved a popular one with much gold paint being applied to paper and canvases.

Fifteen entries were put forward for the competition which were all viewed closely. We each had one vote to pick our favourite picture. The mediums used were watercolours, acrylics, inks and coloured pencils on paper and canvas, with one entry even being painted on papyrus. It was a very difficult decision as all the pictures had their own merits and were beautifully painted. Well done to all entrants, your work was amazing.

The runner-up was Kay, with her painting of Tutankhamun arising from his golden coffin, painted in acrylic with tiny details on the mask.

The winner was Susan, with her detailed coloured pencil study of one of Tutankhamun’s guardian statues, carved from sycamore wood and covered in resin and gold leaf. She actually saw the original statue at the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in 2019.

Very well done, ladies, your pictures are worthy winners!

During the day some members painted Tutankhamun pictures but didn’t enter them for the competition and other members painted their own theme, one especially being very apt as Saturday was actually St.George’s Day.

The next session at the hall will be on Wednesday 11th May from 7-9pm.

Also, look out for Steve’s email at the beginning of May which will tell you how to pay subs for the next four months.

Wednesday 13th April. Tutankhamun

On a warm Wednesday evening we had 13 members painting, drawing and continuing with collage.

The majority started work on this month’s theme of Tutankhmun, most are still a ‘work in progress’

Tutankhamun theme

Christine continued with a collage work of the seven Sisters, Peta started a view of a town in Portugal, Andrea painted a spray of flowers and George was painting a self portrait which he will send in later.

We are looking forward to seeing the completed Tutankhamun works at our next meeting on Saturday the 23rd of April which as you know is our 30th Anniversary. There will be tea and cakes to celebrate and a competion to find the best Tutankhmun painting on the day.

Do come along

April 2022

Happy 30th Birthday to us!

The art group was started in 1992 by Pat Dear and Ruth Thompsett, initially meeting at Pat’s house in Strood then in a local school as the group grew larger.  In the late 1990s Eric Stewart took over running the group and began meeting at the old village hall in Chalk.  When the old hall was demolished the group met at St.Aidan’s Church Hall in Gravesend until the new Chalk Parish Hall was opened in 2007. 

In 2008 Susan Ewing and Patrick Sebell took over from Eric, being joined by Tracy Quarrington-Page in 2015.  Susan took a step back in 2020 and Steve Goldson took over her roles within the group.  

Medway and Chalk Art Group still runs on the original ethos of an informal gathering of art friends, creating art together over a cuppa and a natter.   Many members are still friends after all these years and Ruth remained a member until last year. We hope that M&C remains a friendly group which welcomes artists of all abilities who enjoy painting together.

We will celebrate our 30th Birthday at the Saturday session on 23rd April when we will have Birthday Elevensies of tea, coffee and cake.  Coeliac/vegan cake will be provided so everyone can join in.

Wednesday 13th    7-9pm   –  Start painting for the competition

Our annual competition is a friendly affair and is NOT compulsory.  If you don’t want to enter a painting that’s fine, please just use the suggestion as inspiration for a drawing or painting.

Get your gold paint out because the theme is…TUTANKHAMUN

One hundred years ago in 1922 the tomb of Tutankhamun, the best-preserved pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings, was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter.  Carter’s meticulous assessing and cataloguing of over 5000 of objects in the tomb took nearly ten years.

The objects were displayed at Cairo Museum and around the world at various times.  The exhibition in London due to run until May 2020 unfortunately closed two months early due to Covid.  Did you get a chance to visit and take photos?  All the objects from Tutankhamun’s tomb are now housed in the Grand Egyptian Museum and will never leave Egypt again.

Choose to draw or paint Tutankhamun’s death mask or jewellery, a model boat or guardian statue, canopic jars, chariot, chair or wall paintings. The choice is yours in any medium.

There’s no right or wrong way to paint this subject…just your way.

Saturday 23rd    10am-3pm   –   Competition continued

Continue with your Tutankhamun picture, or paint another. All pictures to be in by 2.15pm then we all cast one vote for our favourite painting. There will be small cash prizes for the winner and runner-up.

A maximum of three drawings/paintings per member.  If you paint a picture but can’t attend today please arrange with someone to take and collect your artwork.

If you feel uncomfortable entering a competition that’s fine, you don’t have to. Paint the Tutankhamun theme but leave your painting on your desk so it won’t be with the pictures submitted which will be on a separate table.  

We’ll stop at 11am to have Birthday Elevensies. 

Collage workshop with Fiona Spirals – March 2022 – Saturday

Its been a very long 2 and a half years since our last workshop so we were delighted to welcome artist Fiona Spirals back to M&C for a hands-on, face-to-face workshop. Fiona brought along some of her own collaged artworks for us to see and explained the collage process, from tearing or cutting the paper pieces to enhancing the surfaces with tissue paper and paint.

Fiona suggested the subject of birds and butterflies but members were welcome to tackle any subject they wanted to. Some brought along their own pictures for reference whilst others used pictures from Fiona. She also supplied many magazines for us to tear from and helped all of us individually with our compositions throughout the day. One member had printed her own colourful papers at home to make her butterfly collage unique.

We all used a canvas or canvas board as the base or our collages as using paper or card would get too soggy. The glue used was PVA, watered down to the fluidity of milk.

You will see from the final photo in this section that creating a collage can be very, very messy! At the end of the session the floor was a total mess. Thank you very much to everyone who helped clear up by collecting all the rubbish and sweeping up the day’s detritus.

Everyone enjoyed the day with many expressing a new-found appreciation for collage. Here are all our pictures in a vibrant explosion of colour. Good work everyone!