Peta’s ‘London Viewpoints’ illustrations

Peta has been busy over the last year visiting London several times to sketch various views then complete them in ink. They’ve been published on the Spitalfields Life website. Click or tap on the link to view them here…

Peta’s illustrations are always awesome to see as she has the skill and ability to sketch scenes the rest of us would walk past. She then uses ink to highlight more details and bring depth to the sketches. You can leave a comment on the original post on the Spitalfields site without having to register.

Well done, Peta!

‘Do Your Own Thing’ – November 2022 – Weds

On a mild November evening 16 members met to finish off paintings, create new ones for our Open Day in a couple of weeks and have a good natter as usual. Some members painted the wood slices ready for the Christmas Party in December and there’s been a super selection already handed in…thank you!

If you won’t be at the Open Day on 26th November please get your decorated wood slices to Tracy by that date, at her address already emailed to you.

Pansy and viola pictures

Three members continued with their pansy/viola pictures after the recent coloured pencil botanical workshop with Amber Halsall.

Dot’s picture shows her deep magenta pansies and the tumble of leaves around them. Isn’t it amazing to see all the many different colours Dot saw in the leaves?

Steve’s deep purple and yellow pansies look dramatic against the leaves. The leaves look real with the shadows and highlights carefully placed, making the image look 3D.

Tracy found the green leaves a bit challenging as her green coloured pencils were a bit bright and unnatural. She enjoyed creating the colours of the different violas, especially the magenta and orange ones, which were really unusual.

It’s been interesting to see the finished images after we didn’t manage to complete them at the workshop. Well done all!

Remember, remember…

That’s a little reminder of why we celebrate November 5th with fireworks, of the apprehending of Guy Fawkes before he blew up James I and Parliament in 1605.

Janet W and Tracy recently took part in a free online Zoom session with artist Helen Carter. It was a one hour coloured pencil workshop sponsored by Derwent and offered by John Lewis as part of their rewards. The subject of the workshop was fireworks in London behind the Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster.

Black paper was the dark sky of the picture and a white coloured pencil used the most as the base layer for the tower and all the fireworks. Drawing with a graphite pencil around different sized glasses and overlapping the circles made the outlines of the fireworks. Different coloured pencils were put on top of the white coloured pencil base to become the coloured fireworks.

Both Janet and Tracy enjoyed the session and will use the technique again.

Janet W drew two fireworks and aims to finish her picture, along with trying the picture again with her grandchildren.

Tracy carried on drawing after the session and got a bit carried away doing five fireworks in different colours!

Details about the session were emailed the next day but unfortunately can’t be shared on the blog as the link is encrypted. Tracy will forward the email so hopefully you will be able to see all the stages of the workshop and give it a go yourself. It was fun to do!

November & December 2022

Please note the dates of our next meetings…

Wednesday 9th November – 7-9pm – DYOT

Friday 25th November – 7-9pm – hanging evening

Saturday 26th November – 10am-3pm – Open Day

Wednesday 14th December – 6.30pm-9pm – Christmas Party

With the Open Day, if you don’t want to have your paintings on the walls or in the browsers then that’s absolutely fine, it’s not compulsory. We call it an Open Day and not an exhibition as a way to open the hall for a day so that others can see what we do at our sessions. It’s also a good way of showing the group to people who are looking for a local art group to join. If you aren’t showing your art then come along and enjoy a day of painting, along with friendly visitors.

Wednesday 9th – 7-9pm – DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

Towards the end of the year it’s good to finish off any drawings or paintings you’ve done that you haven’t got around to completing yet. Bring along one or more pictures to finish them.

If you’ve already finished your paintings for Open Day, bring them along to mount and/or frame, string and label.

Friday 25th November – 7-9pm – Hanging Evening

Please email Steve asap with how many framed paintings you will be hanging for our Open Day, along with their names and price or NFS (Not For Sale).

You can have up to 6 framed paintings as long as they’re not in clip frames and not too big to hang from the hooks. All with D rings, strung across the back and a label hanging down below the frame or on the front with your name, name of the picture, medium and the price or NFS.

You can also have unlimited mounted pictures for the browsers, but they must be for sale, all labelled front or back. There won’t be a list of the mounted work, so please keep a record yourself of which ones you bring along.

If you need insurance for your artwork then please make sure it’s in place for today and tomorrow.

On hanging evening come along from 7pm and drop off your paintings or stay and help hang them all up. 

Saturday 26th November – 10am-3pm – Open Day

***** Please give all your completed wood slices to Tracy by this date. If you can’t come for the whole of Open Day please pop in for a few minutes to drop them off. Tracy needs them early to make sure everyone will have one at the Christmas Party. *****

Visitors welcome 10.30am to 2.30pm.

The day that we open our doors and invite friends, family and Chalk locals to come and see what we paint. Please don’t be upset if you don’t sell anything, it’s lovely just to welcome people into the hall to talk about art and painting. 

There’s no set subject, just bring along something to paint during the day.

So no one gets stuck in the kitchen for hours please take your turn making teas and coffees for visitors and also washing and drying up the cups and saucers.

*If any visitors want information about becoming a member please take them to Steve, who can tell them about joining M&C.

*If anyone is interested in buying a framed or mounted picture please take them to Tracy for payment. We don’t have a card reader for debit or credit cards, it’s cash only.

Wednesday 14th December – 6.30pm – 9pm – Christmas Party

An earlier start from 6.30pm, come along in your Christmas jumpers, posh frocks or fancy festive hats and enjoy some quizzes (not as hard as last year’s!), a lucky dip for a wood slice Christmas decoration to take home, and either Pass the Parcel or Tombola. Bring along your own plate of food and your drinks.

Your partner/family are welcome to come along too and nearer the time Tracy will ask for numbers so we know how many tables and chairs to get out. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available as usual.

Kay’s pebble picture

Kay’s latest pebble picture was a gift to her sister on her 60th birthday. Her sister is a detectorist, which you’ll gather from the picture!

If you’re a keen painter or crafter at home or at another art group, please send photos and a little information about your work to Tracy or Steve and we’d be happy to pop it on the blog for you.

100 years of the BBC – October 2022 – Weds

Thirteen members spent the evening reminiscing about BBC programmes from their childhood to the modern day. Andy Pandy was the favourite character to draw and paint, along with Bill and Ben, Bagpuss, The Teletubbies and John Noakes and Shep from Blue Peter. Also featured are the black chair from Mastermind, a classic scene from Only Fools and Horses with Del Boy and Trigger, a work in progress of female presenters on the BBC, the comedy show The Mighty Boosh and an amazing portrait of Sir Patrick Moore.

Well done everyone who came along, it was a very enjoyable evening of chatting and painting!

The next session is on Saturday 22nd October from 10am-3pm and will be the coloured pencil workshop with Amber Halsall. All places are taken but contact Tracy to join the waiting list or come along to ‘do your own thing’ as tables will be set up at the other end of the hall from the workshop,

Kay’s pebble and pyrography pictures

Kay has been busy again creating another golf pebble picture. You can see the depth of the pebbles so it’s mounted in a box frame.

Kay also creates pictures and plaques using a pyrography tool to burn letters and images onto wood.

Here is a plaque for her boss’s mum who died last year. It’s now on the greenhouse at Rochester Cathedral.

The Muppets feature here in detail. Well done, Kay, it’s really interesting to see another form of creativity!

October 2022

Our annual Open Day is only eight weeks away on Saturday 26th November, with the hanging evening the day before on Friday 25th November from 7pm. Please note both dates in your diary/calendar/on-line reminder. Hopefully you’ll be getting organised now and have a few paintings to exhibit either mounted or framed. We’ll be asking for the names, media and prices of your paintings in November.

Our Christmas Party will be only a couple of weeks after the Open Day on Wednesday 14th December from 6.30pm. It is hoped to have a lucky dip for a painted wood slice Christmas decoration, which will be available soon for painting. If you want to take part in painting them with acrylics (watercolours, oils, pastels and pencils won’t work on them) then Tracy will be giving them out at the next couple of sessions, with the aim to have them all back by the Open Day. She won’t be able to paint the number needed, so hopefully everyone will be able to paint one or two :o)

Wednesday 12th October – 7-9pm – 100th Anniversary of the BBC

Draw or paint a portrait of your favourite BBC broadcaster, actor, radio personality or character. You could paint the whole cast of a programme either from the BBC’s early days, from a programme being broadcast at the moment or any time in between. Mastermind has been around for 50 years and University Challenge since 1962. Sir Patrick Moore holds the record as the most prolific presenter, hosting all but one episode of The Sky at Night between 1957 and 2013.

If you don’t fancy a portrait then paint a scene from your favourite programme. There have been so many people and programmes it will be difficult to choose one to paint!

Saturday 22nd October – 10am – 3pm – Botanical Coloured Pencil Workshop with Amber Halsall

Amber is a new artist for us but is well known for her plant and flower pictures, having exhibited at many places including Florum and at The Mall Gallery, which many of you have visited. Today she will be giving a botanical workshop in coloured pencils and more details will be emailed shortly.

Her website is here…

Amber prefers a small number of people to teach so her workshop will be for 20. Please EMAIL Tracy asap for a place but check the date first to see if you are available. If there are more people than places then a there will be a waiting list.

***** Do not use the comments box to request a place on this workshop as messages can take days/weeks to get through. Email Tracy directly on her usual email address *****

Please don’t book a place then realise the day before that you won’t be able to come. Unfortunately, in the past we have had people cancelling on the day or just not turning up. This means that people on the waiting list miss a place and we also lose the person’s fee, costing the group money.

The cost for this workshop will be £10 towards Amber’s fee, the hall hire already paid for by your regular subs.

As you have already paid for the hall in your recent subs we aim to make the hall accessible for everyone on the day, even if you’re not taking part in the workshop. We’ll have the workshop at the big window end of the hall and a few tables at the kitchen end of the hall available if you wish to come and ‘do your own thing’ on the day, but please work quietly, thank you!