Two very colourful paintings by Ruth and Suzan

This painting by Ruth is from her holiday in The Lake District, some years ago. Ruth has been trying to paint this scene for years. She has used watercolour for the sky and background, gouache for the rocks to give texture and acrylic for the foxgloves. It’s beautiful and very creative.
This painting is a watercolour by Suzan. The colours are so vivid yet Suzan has managed to keep the paint soft. It’s an impressive piece of work.

More new paintings from our members.

April 2020

Thank you all for continuing to send in your lovely paintings.

Here are two very attractive animal paintings by Suzan

and two beautiful soft pastels from Ruth; Kettlewell Bridge in The Yorkshire Dales and Fungi from The New Forest

and a detailed colourful pastel from Ann B.

Susan’s Animal sketches

March 2020

I thought I’d get my sketch book out as it’s easy to draw wherever you are , unlike when you paint you tend to need a desk or easel. These were drawn just sitting on the sofa using photographs. I tend to make a light pencil sketch then go in with an ink pen.