Competition start – May 2023 – Wednesday

It was quiet evening with only 11 members attending, but we made up for it by chatting about Charles III’s Coronation the previous Saturday and all the pop and circumstance. The Coronation is the subject of the annual competition so many reference pictures were used.

If you look at the following photo closely you will see King Charles looking at us from the kitchen. He stayed watching us intently until Nigel the vicar took him away!

Most members made a start on their Coronation paintings for the competition, so they are works in progress and will be continued at home or at the next session. It was good to use gold and silver paint to add highlights to the paintings.

Some members painted their own subjects in a variety of media.

The next session will be on Saturday 27th May from 10am to 3pm.

All paintings for the competition to be in by 2.15pm, then we will all vote for our favourite painting.

It’s not compulsory to enter, so if you want to come along to paint your own subject then that’s absolutely fine :o)

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