Illuminated Letters – April 2023 – Saturday

What an interesting session we had last Saturday, with members painting illuminated letters.

Some letters were painted in a traditional way and others in a more modern style, but all were drawn skilfully and painted with great care. Some of the letters had gold paint added, which caught the light and gave a sense of luxury. Simple designs still took a while to paint with small details, and we ended the session with great admiration for the creators of beautiful illuminated letters in mediæval manuscripts.

Some members couldn’t make the session but will be painting their illuminated letters at home. When completed please send the photos of your paintings to Tracy, for inclusion in another blog post.

Here are the letters in alphabetical order…

Some members finished paintings on the previous subject of miniatures, or painted their own subjects.

Welcome to new member Lesley, who paints but also makes stained glass panels. She is going to make a stained glass panel for Christmas and showed her sketchbook of notes and images of angels. Lesley also created a detailed plan for the colours and cutting of the glass. It will be very interesting to see the finished image in stained glass.

Well done everyone, it was a thoroughly enjoyable session!

The next session is on Wednesday 10th May from 7-9pm.

Look out for the next monthly newsletter on 1st May which will give details of our annual competition.

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