Watercolour workshop with Sue Bradley – March 2023 – Saturday

Artist and tutor Sue Bradley ran an interesting and very productive watercolour workshop with 22 members. Sue has visited us several times and we always appreciate her enthusiasm and patience with us.

The subject was seed heads, which we drew in pencil then covered in masking fluid. Once dry we added several colours to the whole sheet of paper such as cobalt and ultramarine blues, sap green and burnt sienna, then covered it with clingfilm, either flattish or scrunched up. When the paint underneath the clingfilm was dry we peeled it off to find patterns, which some emphasised to represent undergrowth and leaves. The masking fluid was removed and we painted the seed heads in browns, blues, yellows and purples. Some members then used white gouache and a sponge to paint the highlights on the seed heads.

Whilst everything was drying middway through the morning Sue gave us a demonstration of Brusho pigment powders. Only a few of us have Brusho so it was a great opportunity to see the powders in action.

At the end of the session we put all the paintings along the ledge to display them and it was fascinating to see that although everyone had started with the same reference picture we all ended up with totally different paintings in many colours. Thank you, Sue, for a great painting day!


If anyone finishes their painting at home please take a photo of it and send it to Tracy for inclusion in a later blog post.

Peta sat quietly all day and produced a very skilled drawing and an accomplished painting of a harbour. Fabulous work as usual, well done :o)

Our next session will be at the hall on Wednesday 12th April from 7-9pm.