Pablo Picasso – February 2023 – Wednesday

What a dreadful day it was weather-wise, with snow, sleet, heavy rain and icy conditions causing crashes and delays in the evening on local roads. Several members were poorly too, so we hope you all feel better very soon.

Eight hardy members made it to the session and enjoyed painting pictures inspired by Pablo Picasso, whilst one member painted at home and sent in a photo of her painting. Most ideas were taken from Picasso’s cubist paintings and one from his rose period, using pinks and oranges. Some photos include the original picture that inspiration was taken from. Do you recognise the person in the last photo? A self portrait inspired by Picasso’s ‘Woman in a red armchair’ painting from 1929.

Two members finished paintings from previous sessions, of a full length portrait and a hare. Note the Pantone Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, in the flowers to the left of the hare.

The next session is a watercolour workshop on Saturday 25th March. Email Tracy to see if there’s any spaces left, or you can come and paint quietly at the kitchen end of the hall.

Angela M’s blackbirds

Angela M has continued to practice sketching birds, with the most recent being blackbirds. She sketched the upper two using a B3 pencil, then used Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils for the the bottom one.

Good work, Angela, you are learning from all this sketching!