Angela M’s paintings

Here are Angela M’s two latest watercolour paintings . The first is of paddle boarders on a river and the second, a very festive one, is a pheasant in the snow.

Thank you for painting your pictures and sending photos to be included on the blog, Angela, as it’s always interesting to see members be creative at home. It’s good to finish the year with such an apt painting, given all the recent snow we had.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

See you on Wednesday 4th January at 7pm for our first session of 2023!

Rochester Cathedral sketches

Here are two more pictures from Rochester Cathedral.

Gloria sketched different arches and their stonework and the head of a carved stone figure called Ecclesia, representing the Christian church, wearing a crown and holding a crucifix staff. The figure is on the Chapter Library doorway, commissioned by Bishop Hamo de Hythe circa 1340.

Tracy sketched the South Door and archway leading into The Garth (garden) at the side of the Cathedral. She liked the stone archway around the door but then focussed on the ironwork on the door itself.

Christmas Party 2022

Twenty members braved the snowy, icy, freezing weather to attend the annual Christmas Party. A few members couldn’t come on the night as they were poorly with Covid and germy coughs and colds, so we all wish you well and hope you get better very soon!

Unfortunately our Pass the Pass parcels were snowed in in Walderslade so we couldn’t partake of our traditional party game. After last year’s Christmas-themed quiz proved very difficult, a biscuit-themed quiz was provided to pass the time, but that proved challenging too. Tracy thought the quiz was quite easy as she does have a thorough knowledge of biscuits, but please do not mention Hob Nobs, the ghastly things :o)

The lucky-dip of painted wood slice decorations was well received and we all took some home to decorate our tree. A huge thank you to everyone who painted the wood slices so well, you did a grand job painting so small and perfectly.

Thank you to Neil for providing the evening’s Christmassy music and to Angela D and Myrna for wrapping all the Pass the Parcel gifts. Hopefully The Christmas Party of 2023 won’t be in such snowy weather so we can look forward to playing it then.

Festive Felicitations to everyone and all your families. May you have a restful time over Christmas and the New Year and be raring to paint again in January.

Here’s a photo of most of the wood slices…aren’t they all fabulous? In the other photos a lot of us wore festive jumpers, but the heating wasn’t very effective in below-freezing temperatures so some wore coats over the top…

As previously emailed to you, due to double booking at the hall, the next session will be on the first Wednesday, 4th January and the Saturday session will be on the third Saturday, 21st January. All other sessions from February will revert to the second Wednesday and fourth Saturday.