Remember, remember…

That’s a little reminder of why we celebrate November 5th with fireworks, of the apprehending of Guy Fawkes before he blew up James I and Parliament in 1605.

Janet W and Tracy recently took part in a free online Zoom session with artist Helen Carter. It was a one hour coloured pencil workshop sponsored by Derwent and offered by John Lewis as part of their rewards. The subject of the workshop was fireworks in London behind the Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster.

Black paper was the dark sky of the picture and a white coloured pencil used the most as the base layer for the tower and all the fireworks. Drawing with a graphite pencil around different sized glasses and overlapping the circles made the outlines of the fireworks. Different coloured pencils were put on top of the white coloured pencil base to become the coloured fireworks.

Both Janet and Tracy enjoyed the session and will use the technique again.

Janet W drew two fireworks and aims to finish her picture, along with trying the picture again with her grandchildren.

Tracy carried on drawing after the session and got a bit carried away doing five fireworks in different colours!

Details about the session were emailed the next day but unfortunately can’t be shared on the blog as the link is encrypted. Tracy will forward the email so hopefully you will be able to see all the stages of the workshop and give it a go yourself. It was fun to do!