Clarice Cliff – September 2022 – Wednesday

We were low on numbers with eleven members attending, but we were high on creativity, producing many paintings and drawings on the theme of Clarice Cliff. A gifted designer, Clarice Cliff’s ceramics known as ‘Bizarre’ ware are known worldwide for their bright colours and geometric, sometimes abstract shapes and forms.

Whilst some paintings are works in progress many were completed on the night as their simple shapes allowed fast completion. A special mention goes to Brenda who made a 3-D pencil pot in a classic Clarice Cliff design. Well done everyone, it was a very interesting and productive evening!

Some members completed their paintings from previous sessions about Tutankhamen and Holidays, or worked to their own theme.

Our next session is on Saturday 24th September 10am – 3pm, with the suggested subject of ‘Eyes’.

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