Raymond Briggs by Steve

Steve has completed a coloured pencil portrait of Raymond Briggs.

Raymond’s most famous works were The Snowman, Father Christmas, Fungus the Bogeyman and When the Wind Blows. Steve created the portrait in coloured pencils as that is the medium Raymond chose to illustrate his books with. The texture achieved is very similar to the original illustrations.

Well done, Steve, super work!

Eyes – September 2022 – Saturday

Eighteen members tackled the subject of eyes in many different mediums. The subject was just one word but with so many interpretations it was amazing to see all the creations of the day.

Here are human eyes and faces including eyes.

Members drew and painted animal eyes too, with cats and owls being popular choices. The last image in this section is a reminder that Tracy must check her kitchen cupboards more often! ;o)

Some members painted to their own theme and finished pictures from previous sessions about the Queen, Clarice Cliff, summer flowers and animals.

Well done everyone, it was very enjoyable watching all your paintings being created throughout the day.

Our next session is on Wednesday 12th October 7-9pm.

Brenda’s online course

Brenda is not just creative with pens, paints and inks, she also loves creating forms with material, beads and embroidery. She has just completed an online course with Fibre Arts Take Two in Australia called ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, tutored by Lorna Crane.

The student exhibition is now available online, with Brenda’s contribution on page 60. Click on the link and flick through the book as there are so many variations of the vessels make. Particularly interesting are the brushes and mark makers made by the students from local found items.


Here’s a screenshot of Brenda’s vessels, contrasting beautifully with the dried flowers arranged in them. Do look through the whole book though, it’s fascinating .

Clarice Cliff – September 2022 – Wednesday

We were low on numbers with eleven members attending, but we were high on creativity, producing many paintings and drawings on the theme of Clarice Cliff. A gifted designer, Clarice Cliff’s ceramics known as ‘Bizarre’ ware are known worldwide for their bright colours and geometric, sometimes abstract shapes and forms.

Whilst some paintings are works in progress many were completed on the night as their simple shapes allowed fast completion. A special mention goes to Brenda who made a 3-D pencil pot in a classic Clarice Cliff design. Well done everyone, it was a very interesting and productive evening!

Some members completed their paintings from previous sessions about Tutankhamen and Holidays, or worked to their own theme.

Our next session is on Saturday 24th September 10am – 3pm, with the suggested subject of ‘Eyes’.

Kay’s pebble picture

Kay has created another pebble picture, this time for her friend’s 70th birthday. Using pebbles glued to a plain background Kay has used a black marker to indicate a few shapes, showing her friend’s golfing hobby.

You can see the depth of the pebbles in the second photo with the side-lighting, so Kay mounted the picture in a box frame. Isn’t the little bird sweet? Well done, Kay, it’s a unique and thoughtful present!

September 2022

After a long, dry, very hot summer there’s definitely a hint of autumn in the air, with cool breezes and plenty of clouds about. Several members have said they found it too hot to paint in the recent scorching weather, so hopefully the cooler weather brings with it some artistic inspiration!

Subs of £25 are due on 1st September to take your membership up to the end of 2022. Please pay online using the bank details Steve has previously sent, or by cash or cheque. If you can’t find his previous emails then look out for another email soon. If the amount is not received by the end of the month then sadly your membership will lapse :o(

Here are the suggested sessions for this month but you’re welcome to paint anything you want to.

Wednesday 14th September – 7-9pm – Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff (1899-1972) was a ceramic artist and designer, regarded as one of the most influential ceramicists of the 20th century. Her designs are in museums worldwide and when they appear on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow programme they are much admired.

Paint any of Clarice’s ceramic designs or create and paint your own, inspired by her work. Here’s a website with lots of inspiration… www.claricecliff.com

‘The Colour Room’ film was released this year about Clarice’s early working life in the potteries, to her rise as designer at her own studio. Starring Phoebe Dynevor and Matthew Goode it is interesting to watch. It’s currently free to view on Sky and may also be available elsewhere.

Saturday 24th September – 10am-3pm – “Eyes are the window to the soul”

Draw or paint a close-up of eyes using any medium. Human or any animal, focus on the shape and colour of the eyes to produce an interesting picture.

If you don’t want to paint eyes then carry on or start a Clarice Cliff picture, or choose to paint your own subject, that’s absolutely fine.