Holiday paintings by Ron and Tracy

Ron painted a sunset over a lake in acrylics and used opposite colours on the colour wheel, blue and orange, making the picture very dramatic.

In Ron’s second painting he used minimal pencil lines and applied acrylic paint from a limited colour palette in the picture of himself in Gran Canaria. He has used rich colour beautifully in both paintings, keep up the good work, Ron!

Tracy finished a watercolour of Viking Bay at Broadstairs and the second painting is a watercolour commissioned by her neighbours. It’s a view from the balcony of a hotel in Benaldámena on the Costa del Sol in Spain, where her neighbours spend February every year. It’s now in pride of place on their living room wall and they gaze at the view until the next time they travel there..

Two more watercolours on a holiday theme are one in just blue and white, the colours of the Greek flag where it’s set. Tracy splattered some white acrylic paint on the sea’s surface for the sparkling effect of the sun. The other picture is a tiny painting of a beach hut at Herne Bay and is a work in progress.