Chalk Church – July 2022 Saturday

What a beautiful day it was for us to meet outside to paint. A hot, sunny day, peaking at 80°F but with a slight breeze to cool us down, just perfect! The old Monet-style bridge has been replaced with a new one in the same style, which should last for years to come. The pond has been filled in and levelled with earth and will be planted up in the future. Here’s a few photos of the church and grassed area, which is very dry at the moment.

Twelve members attended and we all set up our chairs and tables under the trees so we didn’t get sunburnt. As well as painting we all had a good chat, catching up with news and generally having a good day. We had a whip round for the church fund and gave £33 to the church warden.

Some members painted to their own theme whilst others drew and painted the scene in front of them.