Susan’s commission

Susan was contacted via this blog with a request to paint Rochester Cathedral.

Chris saw Susan’s painting of a squirrel in a previous post and e-mailed saying “I was rather fortunate coming across it, looking for a local artist who hopefully would be able to help me on my quest of gifting my fiancée with something beautiful on the day of our wedding!”

Correspondence flowed back and forth with Susan going to Rochester and taking photos of the view suggested. Kay, one of our members, who works for the Dean of Rochester, together with the gardener at the cathedral, helped with research as Susan wanted to know what the cathedral surroundings would look like in May, which was when the wedding was taking place. She also painted the clock at 12.30, the time of the wedding.

Here is a close up of the finished commission and also photos of the framed painting in its new home.

Well done, Susan, Rochester Cathedral is beautifully painted and to paint the clock at the time of the wedding was a brilliant idea. No wonder Chris and Kayleigh love the painting!

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