Animals – May 2022 – Saturday

Over twenty members attended Saturday’s session and the day was full of chatter and enjoyment walking around seeing all the pictures that were produced. The theme of ‘animals’ could be interpreted in any way in any medium, so there were many animals that took shape during the day. Mediums used were watercolours, oils, acrylics, graphite pencils, coloured pencils, pastels, collage, felt pens and pen and ink.

Some members brought in paintings they’d finished at home and others painted their own themes.

Well done to all who came on Saturday and produced such a wonderful variety of pictures!

Our next session at the hall will be on Wednesday 8th June from 7-9pm.

Red – May 2022 – Wednesday

Just one word and no suggested ideas for this session’s subject led to many drawings and paintings for ‘red’. In all different mediums members explored the colour red from small paintings of poppies to large abstracts. Brenda painted not a diptych or a triptych but a polyptych of 4 panels.

Word of the evening went to Myrna who use the word ‘scaphognathite’ in reference to the crab painting, meaning ‘a thin leaflike appendage (the exopodite) of the second maxilla of decapod crustaceans’. Every day is a learning day!

Some members tried their hand at the previous Tutankhamun theme or carried on with artwork they had started elsewhere.