Red – May 2022 – Wednesday

Just one word and no suggested ideas for this session’s subject led to many drawings and paintings for ‘red’. In all different mediums members explored the colour red from small paintings of poppies to large abstracts. Brenda painted not a diptych or a triptych but a polyptych of 4 panels.

Word of the evening went to Myrna who use the word ‘scaphognathite’ in reference to the crab painting, meaning ‘a thin leaflike appendage (the exopodite) of the second maxilla of decapod crustaceans’. Every day is a learning day!

Some members tried their hand at the previous Tutankhamun theme or carried on with artwork they had started elsewhere.

May 2022

The first four months of 2022 have zoomed past haven’t they? It’s lovely to have warmer weather with brighter evenings though.

Subs of £25 for the next four months are now due and Steve emailed everyone on Thursday 28th April with details of how to pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash (but don’t send any cash by post!). Please refer to his email of that date for all the information.

Here are the subject ideas for May, but if they don’t appeal please come to the sessions anyway and DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) whilst enjoying a cuppa and natter with your friends.

Wednesday 11th May – 7-9pm – Red

Interpret the word ‘red’ in your own way. Let’s see what paintings are created at the session!

Saturday 28th May – 10am-3pm – Pets, paws, pelicans, pandas, pachyderms etc

There have been several requests for a Saturday session about animals. So here’s your chance to draw and paint pet portraits, or a pet you’d like if you don’t have one. Or choose your favourite animals of land, sea or air and create your picture in any medium. Don’t forget this year’s project of incorporating Pantone’s Very Peri purplish colour into your paintings.

It’s a very wide subject to interpret so look online for inspiration. Here are a few ideas… – Dawn Maciocia paints colourful acrylic backgrounds with collaged animal in the foreground. – Sandi Mower paints animals in expressive and vibrant watercolours. – Emma Ball’s animal watercolours on household items are in gift shops up and down the country. The animals are painted in a colourful and quirky way, like her ‘penguins in pullovers’. – the late, great David Shepherd was a master of painting wildlife from around the world.

Or maybe you’d like to paint traditional British wildlife like Sir Edwin Landseer or exotic animals in lush, tropical landscapes like Henri Rousseau or Frida Kahlo.