March 2022

Wednesday 9th – 7-9pm – Easter Island

Easter Island was sighted 300 years ago by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday 1722, hence the name. The island has been a territory of Chile since 1888 and is actually called Rapa Nui, its Polynesian name. The massive monolithic ‘heads’ on the island are called moai and have bodies which are buried in the ground. There are nearly 1000 moai on Rapa Nui, weighing up to 86 tons and standing up to 10m in height, though most are half this size and weight. It is not known when they were carved from volcanic ash and erected but it is thought between 1200-1600 CE and it’s suggested they represent chiefs and important people.

Here is a website with more information…

Draw or paint any image of Rapa Nui and the moai in the landscape or close up with detail and texture.

Saturday 26th – 10am – 3pm – Collage workshop with Fiona Spirals

We welcome Fiona back to M&C for our first practical workshop since 2019. Fiona’s workshops are always good fun and we go home with a finished collage. She will bring magazines to tear up and all the glue, pots and brushes. Details of a theme will be sent nearer the time but Fiona has said that you can create any image you like but she will have pictures with her to inspire you.

Fiona’s website is here…

You will need to bring…

  • a canvas or canvas board is best (NOT PAPER OR CARD as it would get too soggy). You can reuse an old, already painted canvas or board as you’ll be covering the surface.
  • lots of newspaper or a plastic sheet to cover your table
  • an apron as all the glue can get messy
  • The fee for today’s workshop will be £8. The hall hire is already covered by your membership fee.

Email Steve asap to reserve your place. His email address you know already from previous emails sent to you.

Please do not use the comments box to message Steve as messages can take days to come through. Sending him an email is the best way to contact him.

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