January 2022

Here are a couple of ideas of what to paint and draw, but you’re welcome to come along and paint your own ideas.

A project for the whole year is to incorporate into your artwork the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year. A new colour has been created called ‘Very Peri’ and is mid purple, or in Pantone’s own words “a blue with violet red undertones.”

Wednesday 12th – 7-9pm – An Evening at the Ballet

Think of childhood memories of post-Christmas visits to watch the ballet at a local or London theatre or dance school. Draw or paint a scene from your favourite ballet or a ballerina in a pose. Use pastels like Edgar Degas or Henri Toulouse-Lautrec used in their ballet pictures. Add the ‘Very Peri’ colour to your picture for a ballerina’s tutu, sash or shoes.

Pay your membership fee to Steve by cheque or cash if you haven’t already done so by bank transfer.

Saturday 22nd – 10am-3pm – A Winter’s Day

Save any Christmas cards to help you choose what to paint or draw. Use any medium to paint snow in bare fields or your garden, wild or farm animals on a cold day, children building a snowman or throwing snowballs, people taking their dogs for a walk, a misty morning, hoar frost, crisp footprints in snow, a distant building on a cold night with lights aglow. Add texture to your picture by using tissue paper, modelling paste or white material. Use the Very Peri purple colour for shadows on snow or for a person’s clothing.

If you can’t attend the Wednesday session come along today to pay your subs.

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