PAOTM – James Bond – November 2021

The task this month was to draw or paint your favourite actor playing 007 James Bond in the official EON films. Only two members created pictures, so presumably James Bond films aren’t popular with our members!

Steve used charcoal and white pastel on pastel paper for his image of Sean Connery. He used a grid to accurately draw Sean’s features and the charcoal and chalk is used sensitively to create the different skin tones of the face and hand. It’s a very good likeness, well done.

Tracy found it hard to decide whether to paint Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, as they are all favourites. She plumped for Daniel Craig as she liked the promotional photo of him in front of the Day of the Dead mask for the film Spectre.

Tracy is not happy with the final painting as Daniel’s face went rather splodgy, but there’s a vague likeness. The skull in the background is much better she says!

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