October 2021 – Saturday

It was fabulous that twenty two members attended the session and wonderful to hear the chatter as people wandered around during the day looking at all the paintings. Thank you all for coming and also for wearing your masks unless seated, helping us all feel a little safer. Apologies for the cool aircon though, the temperature setting hasn’t been adjusted yet! Many impressive pictures were painted during the day with some members painting three, well done everyone.

One theme to paint was anything to do with autumn so there were beautiful autumnal landscapes, trees, leaves, pumpkins, berries, conkers, toadstools, a squirrel and a hare.

Any self portraits painted will be on a separate PAOTM post at the end of the month.

The other theme suggested was connected with the word ‘octo’ meaning eight, which the month of October is named for. There were paintings of a cactus with flowers of eight petals each, octopuses, the number eight itself in autumnal colours and sea creatures with eight legs of a lobster, crab and carpet sea stars.