September 2021 – Saturday

We had a busy Saturday session with 18 artists coming along to paint together. Sometimes it was very quiet as we concentrated hard and other times the room was abuzz as we chatted to each other to catch up with news. It was fabulous to see so many of you, thank you all for coming!

The transport theme was very popular with many forms of transport being drawn and painted in all types of media. There were rowing and sailing boats, a motorbike, donkeys, a carrier pigeon, bicycles, a pollen transporter (a bee!), a broomstick, aeroplanes, trains and a gondola.

One picture was painted for the theme of September and the number seven, so there are seven swans a swimming from the Christmas carol ’The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Three portraits of Elaine Paige, this month’s PAOTM, were created too but they’ll be shown in a post at the end of this month.

As always we like it when members come along and paint to their own theme, so here are several more pictures. It was a very creative day!

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