Brenda’s sunflower collages

Brenda has completed her first four collage pictures from the textile arts course she is taking…

The sunflower theme evolved from sketches Brenda made of the wonderful display of sunflowers in her garden this year and scraps left over from a skirt she made several years ago.

Brenda used lots of different processes as they came up on the course. They are a mix of mono-prints and stamps with acrylic paint, inks on fabric and paper, hand painted fabric, commercially printed fabrics and batiks, and hand and machine embroidery.

Once she collected enough pieces they were laid out and arranged on fabric and stuck together with wallpaper paste as a temporary hold. Stitching holds them all together with a combination of free-motion machine stitching and hand sewing. The pieces are then finished around the edges with a conventional binding as on quilts.

All four pieces are separate but they are united by their subject and colours with the yellows, pinks and greens running through all the pictures.

Thank you for showing us what you have achieved so far on the course. These sunflower pictures are very beautiful, Brenda, well done!

The skirt that Brenda made years ago.
Sunflower I – 61cm x 23cm
Sunflower II – 28cm x 39cm
Sunflower III – 39cm x 28cm
Sunflower IV – 34cm x 34cm

2 thoughts on “Brenda’s sunflower collages

  1. Brenda, these are just lovely, you are so talented and seem to be able to turn your hand to anything.
    The colours, the designs, the different techniques used are all so well thought out. And they make you happy just looking at them. Brilliant.

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