August 2021

We plan to meet on the second Wednesday and fourth Saturday as usual, but as things could change at any time please do look out for emails nearer the time of the session. 

Wednesday 11th July – Chalk Parish Hall – 7-9pm 

We no longer have to sit in groups of six so the tables will be in the usual horseshoe shape and you can share a table with another person if you want to. Anti-bacterial spray and cloths will be provided if you would like to clean your table and chair before use.

Face masks are not mandatory but as we’ll be inside we still want to be cautious. We ask that you please wear a mask coming into the hall and if you walk around, but you can remove it whilst sitting down. A way to remember this is…sit down, mask down; stand up, mask up.

The buckets for clean and dirty water will be used at this session and please remember to bring along a drink and snack if you want one. The fee will be £2 towards hall hire.

Saturday 28th August – Chalk Church – after 10am-3pm

Please arrive after 10am so we don’t block the road with cars before the car park gate is open.

This is our second summer session at Chalk Church but as we meet there every year you don’t have to paint the church, come along and paint anything you want to!

The suggested subjects are below or start a picture for our Open Day which will hopefully take place on 27th November. We will have access to the loo and barn but please wear a mask inside as the rooms are small. Don’t forget your folding chair and lunch, snack and drink.

If you don’t want to paint why not join us at lunchtime with your own picnic? Bring along a chair and come for a natter with your art friends.

If it rains we will still meet as there is shelter near to and in the barn.

No fee but a donation to church funds will be appreciated. 

Here are some ideas to paint this month…


  • Benjamin Zephaniah – British writer of novels and poetry, lyricist, musician, performer of dub poetry and in his own words a ‘naughty boy’. His website is at


  • Originally called ‘sextilis’, the sixth month, it was renamed in honour of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, great nephew of Julius Caesar. From the Latin word ‘augustus’ meaning venerable, noble and majestic. Many mages of Augustus are available online as busts of him are in museums.


  • looking in at
  • your family or favourite room
  • looking out at
  • your garden
  • an imaginary scene
  • a favourite holiday view
  • where you’d rather be if you’re still staying at home
  • include the window frame if you want to

As always these are just suggestions, you are welcome to paint anything at all.

2 thoughts on “August 2021

  1. Good suggestions Tracy.I have already painted and drawn Benjamin Zephaniah years ago but promise I will do a new one!DotSent from my Galaxy

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