PAOTM – Diana, Princess of Wales – July 2021

In the month that Diana, Princess of Wales, would have been 60 years old, we drew and painted her at various times in her life.

Chris painted her portrait of Diana in loose watercolours, perfectly capturing Diana’s sense of fun as she laughs at the photographers capturing a happy moment in her life.

Brenda drew Diana in coloured and watercolour pencils, a huge smile on Diana’s face with which she greeted friends and strangers alike. A good use of a darker background which makes Diana with her pale hair come to the foreground.

Juliet drew Diana in the pose that she became well known for of looking coyly at the viewer from under her fringe. By emphasising Diana’s eyes with darker lines Juliet makes sure we are drawn to her gaze.

Steve drew a thoughtful and confident looking Diana in charcoal on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper. He chose a portrait of Diana wearing a tiara, which must have taken ages to draw in such detail.

Tracy also chose a pose of Diana looking coyly at photographers from under her fringe. In watercolours she used darker colours around Diana’s eyes, making them the centre of attention. It took about 15 minutes sketching and and hour painting, on A4 Hobbycraft watercolour sketchbook paper.

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