July 2021 – Wednesday

Fourteen members attended the evening session, some coming along for the first time in many months so it was great to see everyone so happy, healthy and enjoying painting together.

Many members started paintings of this month’s themes of anything to do with Japan, Diana, Princess of Wales for the PAOTM or painted their own subjects. The paintings are WIPs (works in progress) so will be worked on further at home or at our next session at Chalk Church on Saturday 24th July.

Have a look through all the paintings and be inspired to paint your own picture.

George’s paintings

Here are George’s latest five oil paintings. The first picture is of the actress Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn in a recent tv adaptation. It was a work in progress at a previous session but now George has finished it. The other two people paintings are of a Patagonian gaucho and a girl sitting on grass.

George has also painted two landscapes, called ‘Evening’ and ‘After the Rain’. They’re all super paintings, George, keep up the good work!