PAOTM – Brian May – June 2021

Brian May CBE proved a popular choice this month with some people completing two portraits of him. Brian has many strings to his bow (or guitar) as a musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, astrophysicist and university administrator, but it’s as a member of the rock band Queen that we all know him best. His lustrous, long locks proved a challenge, but everyone rose to that challenge.

Well done everyone who drew or painted Brian, your portraits of him are excellent, you are getting better and better!

Ron drew Brian with coloured pencils and included tiny details. Then he painted a second portrait in acrylics using a bright, bold background to effectively bring Brian’s figure to the front of the picture. Ron felt he had to include Brian’s guitar as it’s what he is best know for.

Kay sketched Brian playing his guitar and Freddie Mercury singing. The figures at the bottom of the page show how effective a few lines are as we immediately recognise who they are.

Steve drew Brian in oil pastels, using several different colours of pastel on his mop of hair to give volume. The guitar has been very well drawn and the subtle shadows behind it give a 3D effect to Brian’s portrait.

Juliet used pencils for her portrait of Brian, staring mesmerisingly at the viewer. Here is another use of using minimal pencil lines in Brian’s hair, but it is so effective as we know what is being portrayed.

Dot tackled two portraits of Brian, the first being a drawing in pencils of him as a young man. Drawn using the grid method Dot has captured Brian’s intense gaze and his hair is super. The second portrait is of an older Brian, this time with grey hair and a more lined face, very well painted.

Susan started her portrait of Brian using watercolour in a very loose way. One dry she used an ink pen over the top to create Brian’s features. Isn’t that a very effective way of producing a portrait?

Tracy decided to draw a portrait of Brian in one hour using one HB pencil. It was faster than she would normally draw but it was a personal challenge. As she started the picture she turned on the radio and Bohemian Rhapsody started playing…the perfect song to draw to!

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