May Saturday 2021

Sixteen members attended our first session in over 7 months and it was so good to see each other in person. Even though we sat in three separate bubbles of tables we all felt safe and enjoyed ourselves immensely, catching up with each other’s news whilst painting.

The suggested subjects were the month of May itself, named for the Greek goddess Maia, or anything to do with the Natural History Museum which is celebrating its 140th year.

(The Portrait Artist of the Month paintings of Prince Philip will be posted separately at the end of May.)

There were paintings of Maia, a maypole from May Day celebrations, flowers and many different types of animals, those alive today and long dead dinosaurs. There were also several landscapes and portraits. The mediums used were watercolour, acrylic, oil, pencils, pens and inks.
What a fantastic first session of the year, well done everyone who came along!

2 thoughts on “May Saturday 2021

  1. Well done Tracy and Steve for organising our first get together of 2021. The meeting was well planned and safe. Everyone send to be very happy to be back together again.
    It’s lovely to see the art work, such a diverse mix. Great work.

    • Thank you, Susan. Wasn’t it good to see each other again after so long? There was a lovely atmosphere on the day with hope that we can meet normally soon. I was very impressed with so many different paintings done during the month at home and at the session too.

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