Paintings from February 2021

The suggested subjects for this month were painting in yellow and grey, which are Pantone’s Colours of the Year 2021, and anything to do with the Chinese New Year of the Ox. It’s good to know that several members painted at home during the month so here are their paintings. (Portraits for February’s PAOTM will be in another post).

Juliet has been very busy this month, creating pictures of a dragon, a farmer using an ox to plough and a landscape of a field in grey and yellow. All three are in watercolours and watercolour pencils, with lots of details.

Susan has already painted pictures from her holiday to Vietnam in 2020 during the Lunar New Year and a landscape in grey and yellow (to see them please scroll down to the post dated 18/2/2021). She painted the ploughing ox at home last weekend and her bee picture was painted using only Cadmium Yellow and Payne’s Grey.

Angela D used yellow and grey to paint her picture of flowers. It took about 30 minutes, proving you can paint a picture with detail and style, using just two colours in a short time.

Tracy was determined to use the colours yellow and grey in an abstract way. She spent about an hour drawing the precise lines and letters onto watercolour paper and then coloured in the shapes using a yellow Posca pen and a grey felt tip.

Dot painted this picture recently for another art group when the suggested subject was tropical fish, painting a colourful aquarium.

Many members of M&C are also members of two or three other art groups, so if you do paintings for those other art groups we don’t mind at all if you’d like the paintings shown on this blog too! It’s always interesting to know what people are painting.

2 thoughts on “Paintings from February 2021

  1. What a variety and I think suggesting just 2 colours for a painting was a great idea and I’ll be doing more.

    • Of all the colours that could go with each other I’d never have put yellow and grey together. These people at Pantone know their stuff!

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