30 day sketchbook challenge – January 2021

Sketchbook challenges are run throughout the year by many artists on social media, but this challenge was run by artist, printmaker and author Susan Yeates on her website www.magenta-sky.com. Every day Susan emailed and put on Facebook a prompt and and video of how to attempt the prompt, with hints, tips and advice of how to tackle the subject.

Here are all the prompts from the month, so if you didn’t take part at the time, you could pick a few ideas and have a go at sketching them now.

Cynthia took part from day one and every single day created a detailed sketch of the prompt. A few are in colour and the rest were done with pencil, achieving great detail in all her sketches. Here they are in several photos. (Tap on the first photo to see the image in a larger scale and then tap/click onward to the next photos.) Cynthia enjoyed the month so much that she is carrying on sketching every day, with a prompt suggested by her husband.

Tracy started the challenge a couple of days late but soon caught up. A friend at Gravesend Art Group gave the tip of using Post-it notes for the sketches. This means the sketch is small, doesn’t take a long time, can be done on colourful paper and then stuck into a sketchbook. Sketching small took the pressure off having to create a big image every day and taking a maximum of 15 minutes per sketch meant the task was quickly achieved. The sketches were done in pencil, pen and a little watercolour.

Kay did two prompts but working full time and monitoring two teenagers doing home schooling has meant not much time for art. It’s a great start so hopefully when life gets back to normal do look back at the prompts and sketch a few more.

4 thoughts on “30 day sketchbook challenge – January 2021

  1. Thank you for this Tracy. Some lovely work and interesting ideas from those who took part.

    As you know, things have been a bit hectic for me lately but I will try to have a go at the challenge when I have a bit more time to myself.


    • Thank you, Dot. I found it very interesting on the Facebook page to see what people sketched every day. Some had the most amazing ideas and I often thought “why didn’t I think of that!”.
      At least with sketching it can be quick, without the pressure to create a whole new painting. I hope you get some time to yourself soon.

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