February 2021

Here are a few ideas for you to paint at home as we still cannot meet at the parish hall for our sessions. Send Tracy photos of your paintings by email, text, WhatsApp or Messenger by the end of the February, giving details of the medium, paper, time taken etc.

Portrait Artist of the Month (PAOTM)

These two very famous actors were born in the month of February…

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Norman Wisdom.

They had long lives and careers so you can draw or paint them young or old or as absolutely any tv or film character they played. Such a vast choice of images online, so choose a favourite one. As mentioned before, you don’t have to spend hours on a painting, take 30 minutes to draw their likenesses.

February is not named after a Roman god but the Roman month Februarius, from the word ‘februum’ meaning purification, after a ceremony that was held on the 15th.  

Saint Valentine of Rome is celebrated on February 14th, so you could paint his image, or anything to do with our modern Valentine’s Day.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Pantone is the company known worldwide for its colour matching system.  For the past 20 years they have chosen a colour to represent the year, but for 2021 they have chosen two colours.
They are Illuminating (13-0647) a brightish yellow like cadmium yellow and Ultimate Grey (17-5104) a mid grey.  Read what Pantone have to say about these two colours…

Choose the yellow and and paint birds, flowers like daffodils and tulips, butterflies, sunlight etc, or use the grey for skies, landscapes or grey animals. Or you could combine the 2 colours in one painting, realistic or abstract.

Chinese Year of the Ox

Draw or paint oxen pulling ploughs or carts, in fields or in the wild.

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