Portrait Artist of the Month – January 2021

This month there were several names suggested to draw or paint and it was great that several members had a go. Sean Connery just pipped Honor Blackman as the most popular subject, along with one Janus and a Kenzō Takada.

Steve drew Sean Connery and then added colour in Derwent Artists’ coloured pencils. It’s good to see the marks of the pencils as the colour is built up on Sean’s face, creating a very striking image.

Angela D drew Honor Blackman in pencil on cartridge paper from a publicity shot from Honor’s younger days, taking about 2 hours. Very gentle pencil marks were used for the softness of Honor’s skin.

Dot drew an image in pencil of the Roman God Janus, after whom the month of January is named. He is looking looking back to the past but at the same time looking forward to the future. The head looks 3D with the pencil markings from light to really dark

Susan drew Sean Connery in pencil, in a loose style but with enough pencil marks to a capture a good likeness. Sean’s eyes are especially noticeable, with his dark gaze.

Juliet sketched Honor Blackman in pencil in about an hour. She captured Honor’s beautiful face and coy look perfectly in a short time.

Angela M drew a study of Sean Connery in only 45 minutes. Proving that you don’t have to sit and draw for hours, you can put pencil to paper in a short time and get a good likeness of the subject.

Tracy drew and then painted the fashion designer Kenzō Takada in watercolours, taking about 90 minutes. The background of the original photo was very busy so she left all the distractions out and focused on Kenzō himself. It was her first time painting Oriental skin but managed to get a good match by combining Cadmium Red, Sap Green and Raw Sienna.

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