Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for your continued support for our art group. 2020 was a very odd year with Covid-19 dominating world events and twice bringing our art sessions to a halt. 
It was good to meet outside at Chalk Church on the July and August Saturdays and at the parish hall in September and October, following a strict cleaning and social distancing regime.
A big thank you to those who have continued to paint during lockdown and send photos so your paintings could be shown on the blog.  It is here for YOU, so please continue to send your artwork photos to Tracy.  Whatever you paint we would love to see what you have created. 

2021 session dates

Sadly we’ve not been able to meet since the end of October and our next session date is unknown at the moment.  Painting ideas will still be posted monthly so you can still keep your hands busy painting. If you received any art equipment at Christmas then get it unwrapped and ready to go. As soon as we can meet again you will be informed by email about the date and any restrictions we will have to comply with.


We usually renew memberships in January but because we have not been able to meet for a while your membership is currently paused and you are all still members of the group.  

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