Cynthia’s 9 PAOTWs

Cynthia took part in the recent nine weeks of the PAOTW challenge, which you can read all about by scrolling down. She put the nine portraits together and took a photo of all the paintings.

Cynthia had bought eight canvases measuring 8” x 10” but when she tried to buy a ninth canvas the same size the only size available was A4. Her son removed the canvas itself, cut down the stretchers then reassembled it to the size of the other canvases. The nine canvases together look brilliant, so it’s great that they’re all the same size.

Remarkably, all the portraits were painted with just four acrylic colours…white, yellow, red and blue. With this restricted palette Cynthia managed to paint all the varieties of skin tones of the sitters and the backgrounds. This proves we really don’t need loads of colours weighing down our art boxes, just four will do.

Cynthia has always used oils or pastels for portraits but will use acrylics again as painting with such few colours gives such a broad spectrum of colours. They are fantastic paintings, Cynthia, well done on all your hard work over the past few weeks!