November 2020 – DYOT

It was great that several members painted at home last weekend, either finishing off paintings from previous sessions, or painting new ones. It’s very satisfying when a painting is finally finished, especially if it’s been hanging around waiting to be completed.

Susan finished these watercolours of an Indian lady carrying sticks, a rainbow over a holiday cottage and an autumnal scene. Beautifully painted with saturated watercolours, all the paintings evoke a feeling of the place they represent.

Dot painted this charming wintry scene of children building a snowman. It would make a beautiful Christmas card.

Steve recently visited Sissinghurst and says this little robin flew around whilst they were sitting outside eating lunch and he managed to take a photo on his phone. Coloured pencils on Bockingford watercolour paper. Very well observed with so many variations of red and orange in the robin’s chest.

Here are 3 paintings on the “Wish I Was There” theme, set earlier in the year when lockdown had started and travelling to such places was restricted.

Christine’s watercolour painting is called “A Coastal Walk” and inspires thoughts of a Summer’s day walking along a coastal path, enjoying the warmth of the sun and sound of the sea.

Peter’s acrylic painting is called “Canadian Mountain Scene” and the the colours he used to give light and shade give an effective depth of field. The painting of the snowy tops of the mountains is particularly well done.

Angela D’s first painting was inspired a photo she took on holiday of the waterfall at Capilano in Vancouver, Canada. The acrylic paint she used works really well to give the waterfall and spray a sense of movement as it cascades down on to the rocks below.

Here’s another painting from Angela D, again in acrylics. Angela sets up a still life of objects around a reflective item, takes several photos, zooms in to create an image which has interesting reflections and shapes and then paints the cropped photo. A very interesting way to paint and the result makes you look closely at the picture.

Tracy enjoyed completing paintings that have just sat in a pile of unfinished pictures, some from a couple of years ago at least. All in watercolour they are from the Circus, Wish I Was There and Aurora Borealis sessions.

2 thoughts on “November 2020 – DYOT

  1. Once again thank you Tracy for sending all these pictures. How good they all are.
    In addition w e had an e-mail from a friend who recommended Peta Bridle’s Gravesend Sketchbook. Dot Lowe told us that Peta is a member. Very impressive work.

    • It’s great to see what people paint at home, I think it’s super work!
      Peta is the lady who sits in the corner on a single table and brings her own little light with her, on Wednesday evenings and occasional Saturdays. She didn’t want her Gravesend sketchbook photos on the blog as they are obviously on another website, but I did send an email to everyone in June with the link. It is amazing work!

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