November 2020

This time of year we are usually busy mounting, framing and labelling our artwork ready for our annual Open Day at the end of November. What a difference a year makes, as we are again required not to go out unless essential and to work from home where possible. We cannot meet this month and have cancelled our December Christmas party. Possibly we will only meet again on the fourth Saturday in January, the 23rd, just over 11 weeks away.

Subject suggestions will be posted monthly again, to give you ideas of what to draw and paint if you’re stuck for ideas. Send photos of your pictures to me (Tracy) by email, text, WhatsApp or Messenger.

Remembrance – Our second Wednesday session in November was due to fall on November 11th, Remembrance Day. It’s too big a commemoration to miss on that day, so paint along on the 11th in the evening when we’d usually meet, or anytime during the week.

Be inspired by war poetry by writing a few lines of a well known poem and add a picture to the words. Several members combined words and paintings in 2014 when one hundred years since the start of WW1 was commemorated. You are welcome to send pictures of those paintings because they were so moving.

Paint poppies worn by people, poppies in fields, in wreaths or in the art installation “Blood Red Lands and Seas of Red” that was at the Tower of London in 2014. Paint a relative that fought in a war, horses, ships or aeroplanes. A vast choice so hopefully there will be something that inspires your picture.

Here are the titles of a few well known poems from WW1 that are easily accessible online…

In Flanders Fields – Lt Col John McCrae,

We Shall Keep the Faith (a reply to In Flanders Fields) – Moina Michael

When you go home… – the Kohima Epitaph

The Death Bed – Siegfried Sassoon

Dulce et Decorum Est – Wilfred Owen

The Soldier – Rupert Brooke

For the Fallen – Robert Laurence Binyon

MCMXIV – Philip Larkin

Perhaps – Vera Brittain

(If you find this subject too morbid then please paint something of your own choice.)

Do Your Own Thing (DYOT) – Saturday 28th November would have been our Open Day, so paint something at home on this day or during the month. Paint absolutely anything you would like to paint, but a challenge is set to finish at least 2 paintings, or more if you can!

We all have paintings at home we don’t get around to finishing as we run out of time or lack enthusiasm to complete. Now is your chance to make time for yourself, sit down, get your paints out and finish those paintings. Try and finish at least 2 paintings and you will be pleased you have done so. Send the photos of your finished masterpieces to me during the month and I will collate them and pop the on the blog at the end of November.

Chrysanthemums – the flower of November, paint them in a garden or a vase, all varieties of beautiful colours.

Portrait Artist of the Month – no challenge this month as PAOTW on Sky Arts is continuing every Sunday morning into December.

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