PAOTM October – Dame Judi Dench & Yinka Shonibare

This month Yinka just pipped Dame Judi at the post for the number of portraits drawn and painted of him. Such different subjects but all drawn and painted brilliantly by our members, well done everyone!

Juliet draws with so much sensitivity, creating an almost 3D image of the subject by looking where light and shade falls on their faces. Both images have no colour, just granite pencil was used.

Ann L used pastels for her portraits, cleverly using coloured paper to add warmth to the images as the paper peeps through.

Steve also created images of both subjects. Dame Judi was painted in acrylics on board and Yinka is in coloured pencils on Bockingford watercolour paper. Again the subjects have a depth to them as he has used light and shade to create the form of their faces.

Susan used an usual pose of Yinka looking down, as she liked the emphasis on his dreadlocked hair. Once drawn she then drew him again and used watercolours on Fabriano Classico 5, cold pressed watercolour paper, 12″ x 18″. Painting his shirt loosely focuses our eyes on the colours of Ankara fabric in his hair.

Dot drew the two subjects, achieving very good likenesses of both through careful study of their faces. She used the pencil heavily for the darker areas and softly blended to the lighter areas. Their cheekbones really stand out on the paper and Dot gives an understanding of how the human face is composed.

Tracy calls her painting ‘style over substance’ as she actually spent more time on the background than on Yinka himself. The background is based on 2 paintings by Yinka of swirling vibrant colours, juxtaposed by Yinka himself looking very calm in the foreground. Watercolours in an A4 Hobbycraft 300gsm sketch pad.

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