Analogous Autumn – October Saturday 2020

It was brilliant to have 17 enthusiastic members come along to our session last Saturday. We had 3 ‘bubbles’ of people so we could chat to those in our group, but keep apart from the other tables. It feels a luxury having a big table each to use and we all managed to spread our art stuff over the whole table top. I’m not sure how we will ever share half a table again!

The suggested session subject was ‘Analogous Autumn’ and there were many beautiful Autumnal paintings created during the day. Some members did one painting and others did several, whilst some carried on with other projects like still life and portraits. A super, eclectic mix of pictures. Click on the first photo to enlarge it and scroll through to see them all. (Any current Portraits of the Week or Month will be on another post soon.)

2 thoughts on “Analogous Autumn – October Saturday 2020

  1. There is some fantastic work here. It’s lovely to see these beautiful paintings and drawings as although I was there on the day I couldn’t walk around to look at what everyone was doing. I’m now trying to work out whose was whose! Well done all.

    • There’s such a variety of paintings, I’m always amazed how creative the artists are! Good luck guessing whose is whose. Did you fiddle any more with your lovely mistle thrush paintings?

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