Pachyderms – Oct Weds 2020

Ten members braved the cold, wet weather to meet at the hall and everyone was up-to-date with the current guidelines that we have to meet under, thank you. This time we used the air-conditioning, set to warm at this time of year, to provide the necessary ventilation so we weren’t chilly at all. No coats had to be worn at this session!

The subject was pachyderms i.e. animals with a thick skin, and most people drew elephants, with a couple of hippos and a rhino making an appearance. It was great that four members drew along at home, so their pictures are here too. All photos in the hall were taken on an iPhone at the end of a selfie stick at arm’s length, so no distancing rules were broken.

Three members carried on with their own paintings, a portrait of a granddaughter, a still life and a view in Italy.

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