PAOTM September – Tracey Emin and Captain Tom

This month Tracey Emin proved to be the more popular person to create a portrait of, sorry Captain Tom!

Dot used pencils for her portrait of Tracey Emin, capturing her face so well by just using pencil.

Steve was very busy as he painted a portrait of both subjects. Tracey is painted in acrylic and the red background really makes the portrait very vibrant and lively.

For Captain Tom’s portrait Steve used coloured pencil on watercolour paper, making the image look like an old sepia photograph of Captain Tom’s army days in WWII.

Angela D used pencil and a little charcoal for her portrait of Tracey, using long strokes on the hair. This technique gives a textural, 3D quality to a 2D image.

Tracy used pencils in HB, 2B and 4B for her portrait of Tracey, taking about an hour. She decided to use one of Tracey’s neon creations in the image to give a pop of colour.

The background of black acrylic, the neon image in white acrylic and then overpainting in blue and pink actually took longer than drawing the image of Tracey! On Hobbycraft’s A4, 300gsm watercolour paper.

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