The Circus – Sept Sat 2020

We welcomed twelve members to the session and as you will see from the photos there were three ‘bubbles’ of four members each, with George-in-the-corner allocated to a bubble so he could have chat if he wanted.

It felt a very safe environment with all the tables and chairs anti-bac cleaned beforehand, plenty of ventilation (sorry it was a little chilly!), easy access to water, no mixing between the bubbles and all of us wearing masks all day. We did miss the usual gossip over a coffee in the kitchen but we could chat to the other members in our bubble, catching up with news from the last few months.

The suggested session was The Circus, with many colourful pictures being painted on the day and two painted at home at the same time and then WhatsApp-ed and emailed to me, easy ways for paintings to be sent.

(Apologies for the not-so-good photo quality this time. Instead of using my high megapixel camera I used an iPhone at the end of a selfie stick at arms length, thus being at a distance from the painting and artist. It was hard to see if the photo was in focus and unfortunately a couple weren’t.)

Some members painted different subjects altogether, either starting anew or finishing paintings, including a PAOTM of Tracey Emin, which will feature in a post in a few days.

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