August 2020

We cannot access the parish hall again this month but we should be having our 4th Saturday session at the church on 22nd August. There are 5 Saturdays in August but we always meet on the 4th one. Watch out for more details nearer the time.

Steve, Patrick and Tracy met at the hall the other day with a couple of hall committee members to discuss when it will be opening again. With government guidelines as at the moment, the hall should be opening in September but with new rules about social distancing. We have come up with a new layout for tables and chairs and about how to keep apart during our sessions. Once details are finalised we will let you know, but if guidelines change again then we will have to rethink. Watch this space!

Here are some ideas to paint this month, if you’re struggling to think of subjects. Please send any paintings you do to me (Tracy) by email, WhatsApp, Messenger or text, on the mobile number I have emailed to you previously. Don’t forget to tell me the medium, paper used, the inspiration, how long it took etc.

If none of these ideas take your fancy, then paint something else and send it to me, we’d love to see what you’re painting at the mo. About 20 members haven’t been heard from since March, 5 months ago, what have you painted during lockdown?

Portrait Artist of the Month (PAOTM) – Grayson Perry/Claire

Many members watched Grayson Perry’s series of tv programmes during lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed them. Now is your chance to draw and/or paint Grayson Perry himself or his alter-ego Claire. You could also paint Grayson’s wife Philippa, who he had a great rapport with during the programmes, or his first love, his teddy bear Alan Measles, who means so much to Perry.

Lots of photos are online so show us what you can achieve. Any medium, any size, any interpretation, you have a whole month to create your picture, so you have plenty of time.


The official flower of August is the poppy, so paint a poppy or poppies in a vase, in fields, as the symbol of remembrance, in a hedgerow etc. There are so many ways to paint poppies in their various colours, so please get painting.


Even though most holidays aren’t going ahead, I’m sure you can paint a favourite beach that you have been to or one that you’d like to visit. Use any medium or used mixed media to include sand and shells to make your painting 3D.

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