Painting together in June

Several members joined in our session at the weekend and were very creative indeed, well done one and all!

The suggested ideas were Charles Dickens, roses and pearls, or anything at all you wanted to paint.

Doreen used an old copy of a local magazine for her reference picture of Charles Dickens. She drew his portrait, added a little colour on his eyes and lips and has achieved a good likeness.

Christine used watercolour and pen for her very detailed paintings. Firstly there is The Old Curiosity Shop and her second picture is of Joe Clayton Clarke, known as Joe from Bleak house.

Peter painted a portrait of Charles Dickens himself. The background texture of the linen weave adds an extra dimension to the picture.

Susan has beautifully painted two roses in her garden, from a choice of 21 rose bushes. The first is Jude the Obscure, an English Shrub rose. It is chalice shaped and has a very strong fruity fragrance, the loveliest scented rose there is.

This is Arthur Bell, a floribunda rose with a medium, sweet fragrance. Both in watercolour, with subtle colours and tiny details, they look so real you could lean forward to inhale the fragrance.

Denise has been making masks for family and friends so really enjoyed sitting down on Saturday and doing something for herself. She had a lovely day. Her detailed monochrome picture of a lily is done in ink. She used a Noodler’s pen and ink, a fountain pen and ink manufactured in the USA but available in the UK too.

Ruth has been very busy, creating three pictures. The red rose in watercolour she has called “In Loving Memory”, bought in memory of her grandmother.

This next picture is in pastels, of roses in her garden and then a painting of a barrage balloon in WWII.

Juliet took part in an online session (please see a previous post for more info) about Kandinsky. The coloured shapes are made with ink and crayon.

Steve painted roses in watercolour en plein air in his garden. Adding the darker background has really made the roses look 3D. He also took some photos in Cobham and has painted The Leather Bottle in a sepia colour. It looks like one can step into the painting in Victorian attire and walk along the High Street.

Tracy managed to keep her new apron clean all day whilst painting 3 pictures :o) All are 7″ x 5″ on Saunders Waterford rough watercolour paper. She and her family had the pleasure of staying at Bleak House 2 years ago when it was a B&B, having the 3 bedrooms at the top of the building. It was shut as a B&B last year but if it ever opens again they’d all love to stay again.

Also painted are Pip’s Graves at St.James’ Church in Cooling and some roses growing over an arch in a garden.