Juliet’s pictures

Juliet has been very creative lately, not only doing the Sky Arts PAOTW every Sunday, but joining in online classes too. Her daughter introduced her to the classes run by Art Enthusiasts London and the London Drawing School. Juliet has been joining in online, along with her daughter and grandsons.

Google ‘Art Enthusiasts London’ and you can book classes through their Facebook page or Eventbrite. They cost about £7/£8 (children’s classes are a lot less) and there are different events for adults and children, there’s lots of choice. Look on their Facebook page under ‘events’ for all the classes to come in the next few weeks.

Juliet cut out the brightly coloured acrobats in the style of Matisse in a couple of minutes after looking at photos on the session…

Her portrait of Frida Kahlo took about 90 minutes and is painted in acrylics, finished off with pastels. They’re both so fabulous and colourful, Juliet, I hope you will show us more of your creations when you join in more classes!

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