Sky Arts PAOTW week5 – Sunday 24th May 2020

This week singer-songwriter Will Young was painted by PAOTY 2014 winner Christian Hook. Technology can be amazing when it works, because Will was at his mum’s house in the UK and Christian was painting at his family’s home in Gibraltar.

Will was a very still sitter, which was good, but he did apologise at the beginning and say he could easily talk for hours about himself…and he did!

Occasionally Christian and the judges got a word in and we learnt that Christian spent the years after winning PAOTY in 2014 painting many portraits, including dignitaries, around the world. A year ago he fell out of love painting people so has been painting horses and Oriental figures. He’s also in the process of making a documentary. Check out his website and his Facebook page ‘Hoook’ (with 3 ‘o’s).

Christian used the following colours to create warm and cool tones, plus white, black, burnt umber and yellow ochre. Warm – cadmium red, French ultramarine and cadmium yellow. Cool – alizarin crimson, Prussian blue and lemon yellow.

Here are our members’ portraits of Will Young…

Dot drew and painted in watercolours. Both were from the live feed within the 4 hour session.

Steve painted acrylics on to board. He used a restricted palette (as shown by Tai last Sunday) and was surprised at how many colours you can make from so few colours. Steve lost count of the hours he painted but it was over 3 sessions.

Susan created the ink sketch in less than half an hour and then painted Will in watercolour, which took a bit longer. Painting in her garden on a warm day, what a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Juliet drew Will from a screenshot as it was quite difficult to draw his features when he chatted so much. Will’s eyes have been captured with incredible detail.

Rosie used Japanese watercolours called Komorebi for her portrait, on square watercolour paper. She says they lean towards gouache, with strong pigments in them. She drew and painted Will’s portrait in the 4 hour session using blues and a little black and then spent another day painting the rainbow.

Cynthia used pastels to great effect with her portrait of Will.

Tracy sketched during the session but was distracted when her husband went for a walk and came home with a fried breakfast from the local café, yummy! She didn’t want to paint a 3/4 pose so used a screenshot of Will’s profile. It’s acrylic on watercolour paper, using the Zorn palette of white, yellow ochre, cadmium red and black, though she used burnt umber instead in the skin tones and only used black for the t-shirt.

Angela D couldn’t settle for the live session so she drew a previous PAOTY contestant called Michael James Monaghan as he had an interesting face. It’s a WIP (work in progress) as she will finish the hair another time.

Here is Christian’s finished portrait and the top 3 adult and top 3 younger artist paintings.

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