Tracy’s “We wish we were there” paintings

My husband, Graeme, and I should be in Venice now, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Instead, we spent the day at home in in Gravesend, with a short trip to Upnor. The High Street is pretty with all the cottages but it wasn’t Venice and the water was muddy brown, not that specific turquoise colour unique to Venice.

Both paintings are watercolour and a little coloured pencil on Bockingford watercolour paper, 300gsm, rough, 7″ x 5″.

Where would you rather be now? Do paint a picture and send it to myself or Susan, so we can see where you’d love to be.

2 thoughts on “Tracy’s “We wish we were there” paintings

  1. these are lovely Tracy – well done. I love the way you’ve done the brickwork – i always find that really difficult!
    On the them of wish you were there …Would I be a weirdo if I painted my place of work?!

    • Thank you, Kay, that’s kind of you! I read in a watercolour book about painting the colour of the bricks on a large area but then only painting on a few of the actual bricks, just to give an impression of the texture of the wall.
      If you miss your place of work, then that would be great to see you paint it. I know where you work but other members may not do, so will be interested. Happy painting!

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