Tracy’s “We wish we were there” paintings

My husband, Graeme, and I should be in Venice now, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Instead, we spent the day at home in in Gravesend, with a short trip to Upnor. The High Street is pretty with all the cottages but it wasn’t Venice and the water was muddy brown, not that specific turquoise colour unique to Venice.

Both paintings are watercolour and a little coloured pencil on Bockingford watercolour paper, 300gsm, rough, 7″ x 5″.

Where would you rather be now? Do paint a picture and send it to myself or Susan, so we can see where you’d love to be.

Doreen’s pastel picture

Doreen has done this gorgeous pastel picture of a corgi. Knowing that her pictures can go on this blog for people to see is a great encouragement for her to carry on with her artwork.

It’s a super pastel, Doreen, keep up the good work!