Sky Arts PAOTW week 3 – Sunday 10th May 2020

This week the photographer Rankin was painted by PAOTY 2018 winner Samira Addo.

They had several chats between them and we found out that Samira no longer works as an engineer and now paints portraits full time. We also found out that Rankin is a terrible fidget!

We all found it difficult to get a likeness with him wriggling about all the time, so most members who took part took a screenshot early on and worked from that. We were all pleased Samira asked him to take his glasses off as the reflections from windows made the lenses show only their green reflective coating. Also challenging was capturing Rankin’s full head of hair as was difficult to make his hair appear joined to him and not look like it was balanced on his forehead. His beard was also difficult to do in watercolour as leaving the paper white was hard to do in places.

Samira’s portrait after 4 hours was still quite abstract and block-like, but she said she will work on it more during the week.

Here are our members portraits…

Cynthia used pastels and worked from an image she took halfway through the session.

Steve drew the sketch in 15 minutes and then painted using acrylic on board. The painting took 4 hours one day and 1 1/2 hours the next day, moving Rankin’s eyes and nose a little. Steve says he would spend more time getting an accurate drawing first, to save any adjustment later. He did enjoy the session but found it tiring.

Angela D spent 2 1/2 hours on Sunday on her pastel portrait and 1/2 hour another day getting the polo shirt the correct blue. She enjoyed the session and was chuffed when her daughter and granddaughter during a video call recognised Rankin straight away.

Dot enjoyed the session again, this time drawing in details on cartridge paper and then adding watercolours.

Rosie drew her portrait of Rankin on Hahnemuhle watercolour paper and then added watercolours, building up the painting layer upon layer.

Susan did a sketch first then drew on watercolour paper and added the watercolour in stages, building up colour with boldness of stroke.

Tracy again found it very difficult to draw and paint from observation so screenshot 2 images of Rankin, one of him looking serious and the other of him smiling. The mono colour portrait is simply blue biro, as he said blue is his favourite colour. The watercolour portrait was hard too and it makes Rankin look like a cross between Father Christmas and Paul Hollywood!

Above is Samira Addo’s finished portrait of Rankin and the top 3 paintings from the public, as decided by the judges.

2 thoughts on “Sky Arts PAOTW week 3 – Sunday 10th May 2020

  1. Well done everyone. I haven’t been watching this one, but I have been looking at Grayson’s Art Club and yesterday I joined in with the BBC 4 life class. I only had a pencil and sketch book to hand, most of them were using charcoal and large sheets of paper. I’ve decided that I need to learn how to draw arms, not just hands!

    • I too am enjoying Grayson’s Art Club, watching recordings so I’m a week behind, where he’s so enthusiastic you can’t help but be inspired. Well done for joining in the BBC 4 art class, I have that recorded too.
      I hope you learn something about drawing arms!

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