Sky Arts PAOTW week 2 – Sunday 3rd May 2020

Eight members took part this week, when Booker Prize winning author Bernardine Evaristo was painted by PAOTY 2019 winner Duncan Shoosmith. The session started a little late after technical issues, but soon Bernardine and Duncan were chatting away and we got to know a lot more about them through their conversations during the 4 hours.

Duncan worked really quickly and got a remarkable likeness of Bernardine within an hour.

We all agreed that Bernardine’s hair was amazing to draw and paint but several of us found her glasses a challenge. The lenses refracted her eyes and the light falling in her face, so we spent a lot of time trying to get the initial drawings correct. Also a challenge was Bernadine’s blouse, which was an amazing riot of pink, orange, white, yellow and blue.

Here are the paintings from our members…

Juliet painted this lively portrait in acrylics in only 2 1/2 hours.

Dot worked quickly in 2 hours, sketching with pencil on cartridge paper. Then she added coloured pencils to the sketch.

Angela D worked really quickly too, creating this drawing in only 90 minutes.

Steve painted acrylic on board and took at least 4 hours to complete his painting.

Cynthia used pastels to great effect again. She really enjoyed herself and thought the 4 hours shot by.

Rosie spent hours on her portrait and chose a different image of Bernadine, which is of her smiling. She says the hair took her ages in watercolour, but she is really pleased with the finished portrait. The detailed bookshelves behind help give a sense of depth.

Susan followed the live session and created a watercolour portrait whilst looking back at the screenshot. She took photos as Bernardine emerged from the paper, so it’s fascinating to see the progress of the portrait.

Tracy sketched during the live session and now understands why it’s suggested you sketch someone’s portrait a few times before painting. You really do get to know a person’s face. Here are her sketches, including black biro on brown paper with highlights in white coloured pencil. The final portrait is in acrylics where Bernardine’s colourful blouse escaped to become the background!

Here are the top three painting from the general public that the judges considered the best of all the 2000 plus images entered on Instagram and Facebook…

2 thoughts on “Sky Arts PAOTW week 2 – Sunday 3rd May 2020

    • Kind of you to say that about our paintings, but I think we’re all too terrified of having to paint in front of cameras in only 4 hours! I have so much respect now for anyone who paints on the programme.
      Will you join in too on Sunday?

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