Tracy’s Easter egg pictures

I created some bold Easter egg pictures to put in our bay window, so they can be seen from the pavement in front of our house. I live on Riverview Park in Gravesend and there are lots of young families here who walk around the roads every day to get some exercise.

Our Riverview Park Facebook page asked people to put pictures in their windows to make it fun for the children to spot whilst they’re walking around. I’ve painted a rainbow and the Easter eggs and also put a teddy in the window, waving at them. I’m an arctophile (go on, look it up) so I have changed teddies a few times :o)

The record seems to be 52 rainbows spotted in only 4 roads!

I painted on 300gsm watercolour paper in a pad from Hobbycraft, which makes a good sketchpad. I used a black Sharpie pen to make the bold lines of the eggs, and with the smaller eggs I used Schmincke Aqua Bronze powders in rich gold and silver, so they really shine when they catch the light. The bigger egg is painted in watercolours and I sprinkled the rich gold powder on the little red heart whilst the paint was still wet and it made a lovely scattered pattern.

4 thoughts on “Tracy’s Easter egg pictures

  1. How lovely Tracy…a great idea for the kids, and I’ve learnt a new word thank you ! Tracy m x


  2. These are lovely! …and yes I did have to go and Google! Maybe you should paint one of your favourite teddies?

  3. It’s such a handy word to have at your disposal ;o)
    That’s a good idea, I could paint a favourite teddy, but then all the others might get jealous…hehehe!

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