September & October 2019


Wednesday 11th     7-9pm    –    Remembering Renoir

Impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir died one hundred years ago, so let’s celebrate his life by painting in his style of using vibrant light and saturated colour. Renoir painted people, landscapes and still lives, so choose which you would like to paint.

Saturday   28th      10am-3.30pm  –   Nature

A broad subject that covers a multitude of ideas. From the tiniest insects to the largest animals on land or sea, the smallest leaf to the tallest tree, the narrowest stream to the largest ocean, your garden to the Grand Canyon or Antarctic, and anything in between.  Nothing man made, so no plant pots, no vehicles, no buildings.  

The fee for today will be £6.  No need to book.


Wednesday 9th     7-9pm  –   Autumna walk in the woods

Think of autumnal colours…yellow, orange, red and brown, with a hint of green still around.  Paint a woodland scene with a path running through the trees, children running delightedly through a pile of crunchy leaves, a dog exploring the trees, or paint fallen leaves in detail.

Saturday  26th    10.00am-3.30pm   –   Watercolour workshop with William Newton

William Newton joins us today to paint a landscape or seascape.  Final details will be given nearer the time, but do have a look at his website at …

If you’d like to attend, please check first that you are free that day.  Then email or phone Susan asap, on the phone number or email address you have been given, and she will add names to the workshop list in the order received. If there are more than 25 names, then a waiting list will be used. 

(Please don’t use the comments box on this blog to ask for a place, as messages can take days to appear) 

For the last workshop we had 29 people wanting to attend, but only 23 came on the day.  If you decide you can’t come, please tell Susan asap, as letting her know the day before is a bit late unfortunately.   If you’re on the waiting list you may well get a place, but if you plan something else then let Susan know by phone or email, so she doesn’t have to phone around. Thank you!

The fee for today is £13, which includes the workshop and the hall hire.

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